Relax, Let Metro Drive

Been riding the Metro trains around a lot lately. There's something about this time of year ... I ride the Metro more often during the changing seasons. This guy in the picture got off at the same stop I did, Eastern Market. He walked over to the area by the Marine Barracks on 8th and I Sts SE. It use to be a seedy neighborhood, now there's a new Starbucks.

Looking Through Metro Center

On the way home I panned this shot of the other metro headed in the opposite direction. I grabbed a transfer from the subway and used it on the bus. Usually the bus guy charges you 35 cents with a subway transfer. He let me go with just the transfer. Lucky because I didn't have any change.


Terrible Teddy Bears

Went to the zoo with my brother to check up on the animals. It looks like they are really taking care of them now. Why do they call them "Giant" Pandas? Were there once normal and small sized Pandas that were eaten by the giants? This is Mei-Xiang chomping on a bamboo stick. Her name means "beautiful fragrance" in Chinese.

The Sights We Could See, My Brother and Me

My brother Rog is in town this week from San Francisco. He has a few long meeting to attend. He is an engineer for the Environmental Protection Agency. He is in charge of keeping the drinking water safe on American Indian reservations on the West Coast. We could use more people like him in D.C. Our water has so much lead it could make any alchemist a fortune. I met up with him after my morning class and we walked all over like a couple of tourists. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a beautiful time of the year.


Spring Fest Tulips

This weekend started Spring and the Cherry Blossom Festival here in D.C. However, the above picture is a tulip tree in the Capitol's front yard. The tulips bloom at the same time as the cherry blossoms and a larger and more colorful. Why don't they have a tulip fest? My friend Karl flew into town from Tampa Bay today to do some more training down at the Marine base in Quantico, Va. A group of us walked down to the National Mall from my friend's house on Capitol Hill. It was a fun walk because ... it just was. Good people create good times. They had the kite festival today down by the Smithsonian Castle. I had my wide-angle lens and no other equipment, less options and more finding good light. I felt like a jerk (more than usual) running around with my camera while my friends all waited for me to catch up.


Apartment Fire

I don't think anyone was hurt in this fire. There were four fire trucks and no ambulances. I was walking past 18th and New York Ave NW today after attending the wake of a bartender friend who died last weekend. Tommy didn't show up for work a couple days in a row. His boss went to check on him and found him lying on the couch. They believe he died peacefully.

Over the River and Through the Woods

I decided to take the quiet way home today, down past the zoo. Even there I caught a glimpse of a patrol car on Adams Mill Rd. taking the back way to Mt. Pleasant St., a reminder of the mayhem of weekends in D.C. Sometimes I get tired of living in the center of town, out-of-towners fill the streets with reckless driving and sidewalks with discourtesy.


Saint Teresa the Little Flower

Right outside my front door I have a bust of Saint Teresa. Some guy in Pittsburgh gave me the statute when I was walking through an Italian part of town. The strange thing about this statue is if you turn it upside down there is another statue of a saint molded upside down inside. It is a little creepy. Saint Teresa the Little Flower is also the Santeria diety of ancestors.

Visiting America's Louvre du Jour

Ari, Andrew, and Maris walk toward the East Wing of the National Gallery. The prism sculpture they are walking past is similar to a sculpture greeting visitors in Paris at the Louvre. It was not a coincidence that they were designed by the same man, Pei.

Riding Museum Rides

The National Gallery has the largest elevator I've ever been in. The only larger elevator I have ever been on was on an aircraft carrier and it was for planes, not people.

Beautiful Produce

Today was my first ever visit to the National Arboretum. It will not be my last. Most of plants smell delicious. This may be one of my new favorite museums. When I took a whiff from an orchid ... it smelt like dead snails. I mentioned it to one of the staff. "Yes," he chuckled. "They're some of our best." That place is different.


Doorway Ducking Diadem

Henrik is a photojournalism professor at the Corcoran College. Here he tries his best to to clear a "low" eight-foot doorway with a distinguishing balloon hat made for him by one of his students and my classmate, Arianne. Yes she has balloon skills. Tonight we had our 2nd Year Photojournalism Show in the Corcoran's White Walls Gallery. I showed up after all the fried chicken and cornbread was devoured. The show was still loads of fun. I kept thinking I was going to end up at the Senior Fine Arts opening up stairs but I never quite made it. When I arrived the show was slow, the pace steadily picked up as the night went on. I was glad to see my new "internet friends" Ari and Donovan at the show. I was also grateful for the critics and complements from well known visiting photographers, professors, strangers, as well as my friends and neighbors.

Academic Dean Sanctifies Alcohol at Opening

This is John the Dean of Academics "okaying" our beer at the opening tonight. Since not much of the Sophmore Class is "of age" those of us who were legal had to get special permission to drink alcohol during the opening. It wasn't too much of a hassle ... plus it's nice to feel special.


Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

According to this man his name is both Mervin and Kenny. He was soliciting money for alcohol outside a liquor store on 17th St. NW by claiming he was collecting donations to keep his shelter on Meridian Hill open. The fliers were handed out to the homeless community in hopes that they will show up Monday in Franklin Park (13th and K St.s NW) at 9am to march to the mayor's office (13th and Penn Ave NW). They have a free breakfast incentive. That flier was responsable for at least two beers and a handfull of Black and Mild cigars in the time I stood there.

Nice Day For a Bike Ride

A bike cop riding past the Renwick Gallery on 17th St NW.

Ray the bike messanger on 17th St NW, but you can see him anywhere in town.

A strange pan on a night rider.


Oregon-Fried Black Cat

I went to a great show at the Black Cat tonight with my friends Jen and Ari. I finally got to see Tom Heinl(above), a crazy musician from Eugene, Oregon whom I missed while I was there last Christmas. We also heard the music of Clearlake and the Decemberists. This was one of the best shows I've ever seen, and most crowded. Too bad my friends Andrew and Maris are in Paris.


Virtual Athelete

Brandon is a junior-year fine arts major at the Corcoran College. Occasionally I stop by his place and say hello to him on my walk home. He knows my beliefs are Amish when it comes to video games and he usually finishes up his game if he's playing when I get there. However, one of our mutual friends, Mike stopped by too and convinced me to play a fighting game against him. I won like 1 out of 5 games. (I don't believe my lack of skill is the actual reason I don't like video games.) Mike defended the games by saying, "We got school and no time to play sports ... gotta do something!" Brandon laughed, but agreed.


The Memory Train

This is my friend Karl. He is a Marine down in Tampa Bay. I met him at the airport today. It was the first time I saw him in at least two years. At one time we both worked at Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C. For a while we lived together in a trailer park. Later we moved out and upgraded to a brick house on the main drag of Jacksonville, N.C. When I got deployed he made sure all my things were okay. He took my car to storage and corresponded with my family about storage issues. We use to drive down to Florida together on leave. We went to the barber shop every week to get our hair cut. We drank Guiness together. I am really glad I got to see this guy again. He's probably headed to Iraq in a couple months. I remember back when his wife, and mother of his daughter, was just his girlfriend ... I even remember before that. We share the memories that make life worth living.


A Day of Great Accommodations

Today I left Florida and my family. It was a great last day there and an fun night back in D.C. The flight I got on was over-booked as usual. I boarded the plane only to find that they double-book the entire isle I was assigned to -- meaning someone was in my seat! While the stewardesses figured out the dilemma I stuffed my carry-ons into an overhead bin and walked to the back of the plane to use the restroom. When I came back out they had started to sort things around. I stood patiently in the isle while it seemed everyone else was taken care of first, and they were. Then they called me and said, "It's your lucky day." I was sitting in first class. I even ate the free first-class meal and had the genuine first class company of Fran. When I got my baggage my friend Katie picked me up from the airport. We went to the Russian bar, Maxim for Nigerian Night. Then we walked around this lively city. On my way back home through busy Adams-Morgan I talked to a couple friends who were driving by. The streets were packed. The clubs let-out and fights were brewing. I stopped by the Blue Room to say hi to Solomon (Solid-Man) and Susan. I meandered up the crowded street through fights and disorderly conduct. Spring Break is underway.


Morning Glory

I woke up at 6am to see the sunrise. While I was making a hoagie for breakfast my niece Carol said it was one of the least spectacular sunrises she has seen here. I believe her. I think more clouds would have made it better. We rode the horses this morning.

Practice for Easter

After riding the horses I took some portraits of my great-niece Reba while my steak was cooking on the grill.

Old Dog -- Old Trick

After lunch I cut and welded some parts of a corral together for my sister Patti. If anyone mentions welding I always say I'm decent at it even though I was a 14-year-old in high school the last time I welded. I am now 26. Today I proved to myself that I am indeed a decent welder. I had to have a little practice at first but it wasn't long before I felt like a pro. And remember, aways keep your mask down when welding!

Dinner, Buffet Style

After riding the horses again in the afternoon we got hungry. We ended up at the International Buffet for dinner. Fridays they have crab legs and they were awesome. It also gave my nephew Hayden and my great-niece Michelle a chance to enjoy their favorite dessert -- a plate of assorted jello and black olives.

Ssnakeyes at Sharkey's

Tonight me and my niece Becky and her husband Bill went out to a place called Sharkey's and watched an awesome rock band called Ssnakeyes play a variety of good music. Small band big talent, bad beer good people. Then before hitting the sack we stopped at a southern favorite to get some breakfast, The Waffle House. Goodnight.


At Sun-Up We Ride

This is my nephew Hayden. He flew in from Oregon with my sister Gina yesterday. We probably spent two hours brushing and combing the horses today. But we were so busy with other things we never got to ride them. In the morning we'll be riding though. Me and him are a regular pair of cowboys down here in Florida. Like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kidd -- tending to the horses, playing cards (Uno) at sunset, and sometimes disagreeing with our mothers.


The Real Family Circus

My youngest niece Carol takes her turn on the vehicle we have now dubbed "clown bike." I rode at least a quarter mile on that thing today. Bill, my oldest niece's husband, found the performance vehicle along the road somewhere. Good find. My dad use to say, "Life is sitting along the road waiting to be picked up."

Horse Fly

This is my great-niece Michelle's pony Peter Pan. He plays with the bigger horses out in the field. I imagine he would be like having a cool midget friend. At the end of the day when my sister lets the horses into the yard to go to their stalls for the night they all get wound-up and run around for a little while. Probably like letting kids into a classroom just after recess.

Mommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowgirls

My great-niece Michelle tries to coerce the horses to follow her to their stalls near the end of the day.

Equivalent of Large Dogs

These are my sister Patti's horses earlier today. They're kind of' like big dogs. As soon as they notice you in the field they get real curious and come over to check you out. After you pet them and they all play "20 horse questions" with you, which consists of smelling, nudging, licking and nibbling at you and your clothes ... then they go back to eating.

Playing at the Car Lot

I went with my niece Becky and her husband Bill after my terrible karaoke hangover today. They are looking to trade their car in on a mini van. They just want more family-type room. While they went test-driving I watched their kid and my great-niece, Reba. I designated an island in the car lot as our play area. I chased her around. She chased me around. Then we all ate steak.

Never Keep a Gift Horse in Your House

This is my sister Patti putting one of her horses away. I forget what this ones name is. She gives things crazy names. Her beagle's name is Casper Addison. What kind of name is that for a dog? It looks like this horse is afraid of the camera, trying to hide behind Patti. I was thinking earlier about that phrase, "Never look a gift horse in the mouth." I was thinking that maybe it would bite at you or something. But when I really thought about it I figured it meant if someone gives you a horse don't look at it's teeth to see how old it is (because you tell the age of a horse by the wear of its teeth). Just take the thing, free horse. Be grateful, not critical of a gift. And sometimes Wee People hide in the mouths of gift horses to poke at your eyes.


Domo Arigato Mr. Karaoke

Finally made it to see The Passion of the Christ. I went to see it with my sister Patti, my younger niece Carol, and here boyfriend Kevin. There were people crying in the theater after the lights came on. It was an emotional movie but seeing those people cry bothered me as much as an uncomfortable public display of affection. Kind of like when people are standing in front of you kissing and you're trying to look beyond them. In other news I sang Karaoke for the first time in my life at a little place in the swamp called Big Daddy's. My niece Taira and her boyfriend Johnny are there every Monday and Tuesday night. Aside from having a band Johnny has a Karaoke business. Singing in this picture is local hip-hop karaoke legend Booker. God bless Japan.


My Mother of Creation

This is my mom standing in her yard earlier today. She had Kidney Cancer a while back and it has recently been detected in her lungs. She told me she about it this past Christmas. I still don't know if it has sunk all the way into my head yet. The doctors in Tampa estimate she has a year to live. One of the greatest gifts I was ever given was the family my mom created - a brother, two sisters, three nieces, two nephews and two great nieces.

My Sister's Daughters' Daughters

These are my great nieces. Reba is chasing me on her horse and Michelle is chasing her. It's like a parade without the fire truck and PAL gum.

So This Man Walks Into a Stall ...

I think this is my sister's favorite horse, Cheyenne. She just had a special stall built for her away from the barn so she can be checked conveniently by veterinarians when she becomes pregnant.

Just Like Home, Only Different

I will go just about anywhere with my family. Today I landed in Orlando after a very short flight from D.C. Little did I know only hours later I would be taking in a cultural piece of Americana that I am usually terrified of. My neice's boyfriend is a singer and gutarist in a counrty band called Ambush. Tonight me and My sister Patti went with Taira, my niece, to see Ambush play at the County Line Bar in Weirsdale. They were great musicians which always makes the experience more enjoyable. I had to drink rum and cokes though, the only kind of beer they sell down here is watered-down for the cowboys. Aaahhh, Central Florida, the Redneck State.


Two Half Cups

I was taking some pictures and my flash cord got caught around some cups at Swing's Coffee Shop. One of the cups fell to the ground an split in half. This is my friend Andrew posing for a Ginsu Knife commercial.

Streak-Free Glass

Joe cleans the glass at Swing's Coffee Shop twice a day. My sister Gina always said that the cleanliness of an establishment's glass might be a indicator to the quality of their product.


Matt graduated from St John's College. His friends meet him at music shows a lot. Tonight his friends met him at the Black Cat. Matt isn't really a jarhead but one of his female friends was training to be a Marine Corps aviator.

You Take the High Road, I'll Take the Subway

The District of Columbia's subway system, the Metro, is very photogenic. Almost so much that it is a little cliche to post a picture. But I saw and recognized a photo of the Metro at the 49 Geary St Galleries in San Francisco so it can't be that bad, right?


Waiting for the Sun?

This is Will, Shauna, and Solomon just before they started mingling at the final Corcoran fine arts photography show of the year. I used my off-camera flash to illuminate the subjects and I hoped I would still capture the golden light of the sun. I love using my off camera flash. Nice sneakers Shauna.


The Passion of the Lars

I took this shot of my friend Lars with off-camera flash, using a flash cord I received in the mail today. I think it looks a little biblical. Well it looks about as biblical as the paintings Lars is doing for a Christian art show. He showed me a painting of a half-nude woman eating breakfast in bed. "If you read into it, it could be Christian," Lars said. I was surprised to hear him tell me he was entering paintings in a Christian art show. He's just not a real religious person, more spiritual ... you know what I mean. It's just that we hang out around the White House neighborhood and Christians have been getting a bad name around here from that George "W" guy. "I just want to get one of those under my belt," he said. "One of what," I asked. He was talking about the art show as if it were a notch in the Christian belt. Odd.


Producing a Nation of Acrobats

Some Ultimate Frisbee players do calisthenics in the Ellipse, the park between the Washington Monument and the White House. The team that was practicing was George Washington University's Hungry Hippos. They recently flew to Southern California to compete against teams from all over the United States. I even did my taxes today.


Drop-in Cleaning

I was taking a shortcut through an alley by H St today and saw foam dropping to the ground. I looked up and there was a team of window washers rappelling down the building. I am afraid of heights but if I ever had the opportunity to wash windows on a tall building on a nice day I'd take it.


It's Always Happenin' at the Zoo

Ever since the recent uncovering of the "neglected animal problem" at the National Zoological Park and the resignation of the Zoo's president, I have considered it my duty to walk past and check up on the animals. Plus I like going to the zoo, it's only three blocks away. When I got there today I needed a coffee because it was a little colder than I thought. I decided to get a hamburger and fries too. I carried them around with me for a while until I got to the tiger. He was hungry too. I could tell because he was pacing by the zoo keeper door. I decided to eat my hamburger there, watching the tiger. I didn't want to spend too long there so I ate my fries on the way to the elephants and camels. The camel's hair and face reminded me of our sixteenth president Abraham Lincoln.


An Anything-Goes Laundromat?

I think this place on Mt Pleasant St is called the Pan-American Laundry. Someone decorated it with price stickers. I walked past it with some friends on the way to get some lunch.

A Sidewalk Tale

Everyone stops to listen to Solomon's story after eating at the Diner in Adams-Morgan. Luckily the rain started as we sat down to eat and finished before we left.

Sittin on the Dock of the Day

I climbed the 18th St tennis courts fence to get this picture below Adams-Morgan. A roof looks like the place to sit at the end of a nice day.


While I was walking down Columbia Rd some Lyndon LaRouche kid approached me with a pamphlet. Speaking for the entire general public I told him, "We all think you guys are in some kind of cult." He followed me with arms full of propaganda asking "Why?"

Walking Into the Light

This is the National Cathedral. There is a perfect view of it straight down my street. On my way home I saw a band of Hari Krishnas in front of the Safeway grocery. Their music is okay but they definately have the coolest drum. It looks like a pregnant cylinder with a drum skin at each end. Two drums in one.