Breakfast w/ the Dead

This morning I had breakfast with some of the most enjoyable citizens of Augusta. It's not that everyone here is a jerk. They are all very happy. They all stop when anyone, anyone, anyone comes to a crosswalk. I guess I just don't have much in common with the majority of the people yet. I met some great folks at the coffee shop in Hallowell, which the town itself seems to be filled with good people. My future workmates were great when I came up for the interview, and I imagine I'll be doing a lot of outside-the-workplace activities with them. I think maybe there's too much of an interest in driving here. Maybe that's it? (Even though I'm in the market for a car.) They don't have enough sidewalks around Augusta. I had to walk along the berm of the highway to post this blog, out by WAL-MART. And I realized, maybe it's because of the weather or something, but Augusta doesn't walk enough! And it shows. I thought I might be moving to a land of tough mountain people, not to a land where many of the people resemble mountains themselves. I have also learned that kayaking does not count as a form of physical exercise up here. There are plenty of folks with kayaks on the roofs of their vehicles that make me wonder how they would ever fit into their kayaks. I did get a good tip about kayaks and other products though- Buy local! Buy Maine! As in L.L. Bean, everything has a lifetime warranty.