Catching the Bus

I spent a lot of time on Capitol Hill today. It was my first time ever in the Capitol Building ... a very elaborate castle. I was trying out an internship at The Hill Newspaper. Me and my escort John, Hill photographer, shot a Medicare press conference trying to raise the quality of the Medicare prescription drug program. Then we went and shot the Pro- and Anti-Same Sex Marriage press conference where I saw my good friend M. E. Sprengelmeyer. When it was over I convinced John to take the bus back to the office instead of the subway. As I was editing my photos my cell phone rang and ESPN Magazine assigned me a feature shoot this weekend, 3-5 photo layout. Later, while I was walking home I struck up a conversation with Osmond Sims at the bus stop. I mentioned the wonderful new WWII Monument. Then Sims told me he was a Sailor serving as a radio operator during WWII. He was stationed at Pearl Harbor after the bombing. And he likes the memorial as much as I do. While I was talking to him I missed the bus, but I didn't care.

Sleeping Habits

I've been getting to sleep earlier lately. Because of that I get a lot more done. I think you can get more work done with half the effort before noon.