Leaving DC: 04

I went to a local bar The Raven Grill to meet some friends before I leave DC. I am beginning to realize how much I will miss them and this stinking city. However, I am looking forward to living in Augusta, ME., and having visitors. I think this time my heart may actually be broken. Good thing for all that clean air and water up in Maine to get me healthy again! Yes! I can't wait to miss this place!

Leaving DC: 03

Over breakfast at Heller's Bakery this morning Casey and Jabari decided it would be best for me to leave for Augusta, Maine by the Ides of August. (Then Jabari got on a bus to New York City.) If anyone is looking for an awesome apartment to rent by the 15th, I can help you out. My current apartment is in the coolest location, Mt Pleasant, and in an awesome building, The Park Regent. The rent is the best for the area. Plus it's a historic building, and a historic apartment- I lived there.