Students Spend First Day With Hangover

Wednesday was the first day of the semester for the Corcoran College of Art. Some students and graduates showed up the night before at Saint Ex. Afterwards, I cut my forehead on a tambourine. "It's strange to think it's all going on without us," said one alumnis.


Transformer Gallery Swap Meet

Transformer Gallery had a swap meet to raise money. It was organized by Rose and Dave (WtNR). I went to drink a beer and talk to Dave and Rose but they say I ended up helping out. Huh?

Postcards DC


Yard: Again

people + beer + ice + grill + meat + lights + music = Yard


Marine Recall

I heard on CNN they're calling back Marines from inactive reserve through the next month. I have approximately three weeks until my four years of inactive reserve obligation is fulfilled. As Americans we must think about our image during these trying times. And think about this, when in the field and there is no water to shave with, I grow a mustache. Uncle Sam, look at my silly mustache. You don't want that again, do you? (photo by Rob Curtis 2001)



Nick the Bartender's band, Darling (see them soon) played at the Warehouse Next Door. They played with Tides and Giant. Afterwards, I went to Cheraya's where the discussions about life and meaning became ridiculous and unbearable.


Art Music

it all came from somewhere.
yeah, sure.
maybe 50 years ago.
but it all started "here"

(["here" refers to a state of mind
that encourages independence in creativity
and rebellion against
a conformist establishment.]
Example: Hemphill Gallery
to which a good friend of mine,
we'll call her Jenn with one "n,"
was telling us of the jerky disposition
of its owner George.*)

*according to others he acts
as if he has so much money
he has been able to
avoid life altogether.

I say after everyone at Alex V's
greets Erik Denker as he arrives home
and retrieves his sports coat
from the backdoor of his car

then Jenn tells us
how George Hemphill
treats people like
underlings and idiots


Potomac River

We went out to Lock House 8 along the C&O Canal. Then through the poison ivy into the rocky Potomac.
. . .

We all went "billygoating" across the rocks. Here AJ nearly falls into the water. (Eventually we all got our feet wet.) We skipped stones and batted rocks and things into the water.


Yard: Bar

Yesterday: 1-4 days ago
Couple Days: 1-4 days ago
Week: 5-10 days ago
Two Weeks: 11-18 days ago
Month: 1-2 1/2 (3?) months ago
Couple Months: 3-8 months ago


Roof Tiki Party

Taking Drink Dancing to a new level at Vinnie and Mikey's place on the roof at Conneticut Ave.


Meridian Hill Park Swim Club

Some kids cooling off in the fountain at Meridian Hill Park.

. . .

Frederick Law Olmsted please send someone to fix your park. I am holding it together with my finger.

Several [Nearly] Die From Heat Related Injuries at Conner Gallery

I went to the art opening at Conner "Hot Box" where several people almost died of heat-related injuries. One artlooker was overheard saying, "The cold Pabst Blue Ribbon saved me."


My Alias Convicted

A prisoner of the Michigan State Correctional Department has been using my name as his alias. That bastard. (camera phone photo by Pete Callahan)