Bar Hopping with My Niece

My niece Becky has been getting cabin fever in my apartment since she came up here from Florida with my mom to escape the hurricanes. She wanted to get out and go have a drink somewhere in DC. I took her to a few bars. First we walked down to the Xchange at 17th and G Sts NW. After there we stopped by my friend Don's in Washington Circle, Lulu's on 20th, and the Brickskeller at 22nd and P (over 1,000 beers available). I also took her to my new favorite joint in DC, the Big Hunt on Connecticut just south of DuPont ... this place has never been so friendly to me until recently (best hot wings). Finally, we stopped off at Kramer's Books to get a last drink and check our email at the bar. For your knowledge Kramer's is not the place to use the restrooms. They should have their Zagat rating revoked just for this reason ... great place though.