Hiking in Acadia

Put the tent away in the morning.


Bee Hive Trail / Almost Rock Climbing. Wicked Awesome.

Maine is a vision to be inspired by. (Jeremy, I could have killed your girlfriend like 20 times.)

We drove to the top of Cadillac so we could see more in less time. Cadillac Mountain is the highest point on the east coast between Canada and Brazil!

A cruise ship brought tourists to Acadia from NYC. Acadia is the second most visited National Park in the U.S.

Other Things of Acadia

Welcome: to Maine.

Maine Sidewalks.

In Acadia we also found conduit in the forest. A backhoe. And a manhole cover.

Camping: Does it trigger a genetic memory? A memory that is passed on through generations? Campfire. The genetic memory is reenforced by repeated imagery in the development of an adult.

To Acadia

There is an awesome bridge to cross on the way to Acadia.

We were trying to figure out the jobs people have in Maine.

Lots of lobstermen.

A lobster shack in Acadia Maine.

what do people do out here ?
they have horses and
go to church & are mailmen
& school teachers & work
at bank of america. they
cut & cut & cut hair.
the hair of maine men
who come walking out
of the woods every 5 months
to get a trim after smashing
food w/ bare hands. they
have bad backs, lots of
chiropractors, nurses,
they sell used books &
antiques. they work
at gas stations. (they make
lobster rolls & custom build spiral stairs)

Andree & Pepper: While we were looking for the quickest way to the water we met Andree & Pepper. Andree does surgury on mice at The Jackson Laboratory. Andree said the Jackson Lab employs 1,400 people here.

We stopped in Otter Cove to do a car commercial. Perfect landscape for car commercials.

Nautical Trash

Acadia's elements

Stormy Weather in Acadia.
this is maine new england
this isn't the new shire
of hamp. the new
shire of hamp doesn't
have brackish water

Eating ramen noodles at camp. Just to have something warm.

Jenn DePalma Visits from DC

My Friend Jenn came to visit me in Maine.

Jenn is a vegetarian so I brought her a carrot. She ate it while she pointed to Portland.

We took Route 1 back up the coast to Augusta instead of I-95

Bath Public Library: We stopped in Bath Maine to check our email at the public library.

Bath Iron Works: Went past BIW, ship builders. I had to explain to Jenn that this is real New England. I did it with a poem I made up.
Maine Explain Poem
This is the great northern territory
this is real new england
this is not upstate new york
this is new england
look at the way our moon reflects off
the brackish water
at night
we have brackish water
upstate new york
doesn't have
brackish water