Lobstering in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Charlie unties the bow of the Rodderick Rose.

Charlie and Sheldon cut bait while John, the skipper, fixes the trap pulley on the way out to the lobster lines from the Ballast Ground Wharf.

Charlie with the gaff, snagging 1 of the 275 traps of the day.

Up comes a trap.

The lobsters are pulled from the traps. If they are too small or females with eggs under their tales they are thrown back. The lobsters that are kept are divided into two sizes; "market" and "shack."

The traps are set in strings of 15. The strings that didn't do well are pulled and reset in other areas. Here Sheldon prepares pulled traps to be reset.

A trap plunges into the sea as Charlie and Sheldon reset a line of traps.

The crew works nonstop the entire 12 hours they are out.

After the claws are band, Sheldon checks for eggs one last time before they are placed in the tank.

The head (water closet) on the lobster boat is small, and with your gear it is often hard to close the door. Charlie laughs that Sheldon doesn't care much about privacy.

Most of the lobstermen know each other and say "How are ya buddy?" throughout the day.

Some fishermen talk about the lobster catch towards the end of the day.

The last trap, what Charlie says he looks forward to all day.

Everyone cleans up on the way back to the wharf.

The skipper, Johnny talks to an old timer back at the dock.

Jamie strings lobster crates. The lobsters are stored in crates in the water awaiting shipment.

Teresa from the wharf's lobster shack shows off one of the big ones.

Shipping out the lobsters.

More of North Sydney, Cape Breton

Fifteen dollar boots, and they're made in Canada.

Emily and her dog Abbie. No milk today. Deliveries are Mondays and Thursdays.

The ferry from North Sydney to Newfoundland.

The Tom Fun Family Orchestra at Rollie's Wharf in North Sydney, Cape Breton.
I met the lead singer, Ian, the night before during the fiddle circle at Rollie's.
I turned to the table next to me and saw Ian, Aaron and Meg. I think asked them something like, "Do you mind if I join you?" Ian said, "Well, it's just like that is it?"