The Family Holiday of America

Riding out to celebrate a holiday of food and thanks
riding through the suburbs to a turkey
in the suburbs of America
Out here I can see my breath in the cold
and it's red white and blue
out here all birds overhead are Bald Eagles
and buffalo and cowboys wander along the highways

Here I can walk into anyhouse and have a home
this is the suburbs
and this is America
sometimes we get lost in cultisacs
but we take our time
it's Thanksgiving
in America
and we are on our way to see an American Family
And eat a turkey
the anti-eagle
My friends of friends I've never met are there
and there are more on the way
when all are present we begin to pray
a couple people leave the room
this is America
any belief goes here
when the prayers are over we eat the food
and praise it too
here in the Colonies
we eat their hearts out with
ham & turkey & adobo pork & squash & potatoes & noodles
everything swims in gravy and sauce on my plate
& down my throat
red white and blue
fills my stomach and makes me fall asleep
on a floor in a home I've never been in before
and when I wake up I sit up
from behind the couch
and I am surrounded by a Big American Family
This This This This This
this is America
And This this is Thanksgiving
thanks for
food family & friends