)) Pedestrian or Cyborg? ((

Daniel, a historic gas lighting specialist, cruises his Segway down Connecticut Ave. from DuPont Circle on his way to Capitol Hill. He said he's sure everyone will have these remarkable machines when the price drops. I was also amazed that he could look through his pockets for a card while still moving down the sidewalk, no hands.

Homeless Attacker!

On my way back from getting 4x5 film for my studio lighting class I saw two bums fighting. A bearded man had knocked another homeless guy to the ground knocking his shoe off. As the bearded man walked away his victim got up, grabbed his shoe, and hit the other bum in the head with it. I ran down the sidewalk and got to them while they were fighting at a park bench in front of the World Bank. I started taking photos waiting for some action and the bearded bum came over and popped me in the head. My immediate reaction brought him to the ground. The other man came back and started yelling. I thought they might start fighting again. Then the man lunged at me again saying he was going to "cut my face off." At first I was a little worried ... until I saw that his knife was a hair comb. I told him I didn't want to hit him again, but again he found himself on the ground. I felt bad the second time and was trying to walk away when the he started walking after me yelling derogatory obscenities. I started throwing snow at him, he kept following me. The last time he charged at me I kicked him on his butt. All for an action photo and I didn't even get one. I did get a decent portrait (not pictured).

Runnin' from the Law

A.J., a fine arts photography student, sometimes finds himself on the wrong side of the law.