Church Painting

I first noticed this church when I was taking some pictures of what I thought was a hotdog vendor (turned out to be a barbecue pork sandwich vendor [I love you Augusta!]). This is the elim Christian Fellowship church. If anyone Protestant comes to visit me this is where I will send you.
Looking at some of the girls walking in, don't be surprised if I become Protestant very soon. But I noticed they were painting the church very slowly. Lazy Protestants!

Kennebec River Rail Trail

I went on my first run down the Kennebec River Rail Trail today. Yesterday I just walked up and down it sunning myself reading the paper. This morning I woke up around 6 a.m. dying to try out my new 'made in Maine' New Balance 857s. They worked great. I ran to Hallowell, then down Water Street- the center of their town, and looped around Front Street back up to Augusta.
On October 6 the trail will be completed and will continue to Gardiner, a town 6.5 miles to the south. I think I am going to start running down there.
This morning when I was running looking at the river I was trying to think of something poetic. This is all I came up with, cheesy in hindsight;

"the sun peels the hills' shadow
off the Kennebec
and raises the mist
off the early morning water."

Labor Day Holiday: Old Fort Western

On my second day of Labor Day Holiday I traveled approximately 1000 feet across the Kennebec River from the Edwards House Inn to Old Fort Western. At 250 years old, it is the oldest wooden fort in the Americans. In fact, it's so old it's British!
I stopped by twice. The first time they weren't open, the second time they were about to close. So check schedules before planning your visit.

Girls in Augusta

I have made it a point to walk as much as possible, even though I have entered the world of vehicle ownership. Yesterday I walked the Kennebec Rail Trail to Hallowell. I went to the library. On the way back I discovered a store filled with glamorous women, on Water Street.