ADAPT for Better Quality of Life

The American Disabled For Attendant Programs Today, or ADAPT, held a protest today calling out the National Governors Association on a promise made to gain more flexible use of Medicaid funds. The money would go toward finding community-based alternatives to nursing homes and other institutionalized care for physically disabled people. The rally started at the gates of the White House and continued up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol Building.

Moving Party

Here is my friend Matt taking a break in the back of the van on the way back to pick up some more furniture. My friends Andrew and Maris moved from Capitol Hill to Adams-Morgan this weekend. There was no question that I had to help them move. Andrew has helped me move 3 times since I've lived in DC, and Matt has helped me move at least once.

My "Auntie"

This is Lauraine behind the bean counter at Swing's Coffee Shop. She fills a role in my life that is sometimes limited to the African-American community. I know because many of my black friends have an older woman they respect and talk to who is not related to them called their "Auntie."