Augusta Maine Report, 101807: Colby Museum

1. Drove up I-95 I drove up to the Colby College Museum of Art before work today.

2. Miller-Library, wireless 'Street'& Colby card machine Colby College has a very New England feel. It might be because this is New England, USA.

lights from the Lunder Collec-
tion,' 12:30 p.m., Colby College
Museum of Art; with Mirken Cu-
rator of Education Lauren Less-
ing; free lunch provided to the
first 40 attendees; 859-5608.

4. Alex Katz There is a wing filled with the work of Alex Katz. The museum has modern-style open galleries. And older parlour-style galleries; ironically in the recently added, Lunder, wing.

5. Alex Katz Wedding.

6. Colby College Museum of Art The entrance to the museum and the new Lunder Wing.

7. Drove down I-95 Drove back to Augusta Maine.

8. Tree: House The foliage in Augusta and in most of Central Maine is 50-75 percent peak, so they say.

9. Gas Station Decoration I thought the orange pumpkin garbage bags were a nice touch to the gas station's green washer fluid display.

10. Development on Western Avenue, Augusta Maine. (10/18/07)