Shirt-Brewed Coffee

My apartment is bare. Today is my last day here. I ran out of coffee filters. So I used a shirt I never wear. It tastes pretty good. (Hurts my cheast a little, might be the fabric softener or detergent I use.)

Underground Opening

Many people knew about and attended the grand opening at Meat Market Gallery (a curious name for that area). What did we see? Awesome-some-some art by great artists. But the gallery keeper is just as jerky as the proprietors at the Conner Gallery and Hot Box.

There was also another opening/party at Rex's Underground Studio. Many attended. I did. Rex, is affiliated with the DC Underground Arts Project.


Casey Helps Me Move

Casey Smith helped me take a car load of boxes out to my lovely new storage unit in McLean. (I love that storage unit.) Then, out of kindness or curiosity, Casey gave me a ride to see this place that I might be moving into the second floor of. It is located conveniently between a Hebrew funeral home and a church.


Moving Preparation

phone camera

My D2X came back today after nearly two months. The mirror was being repaired. I was so happy to see it. When I took it out of the box it was like seeing a good friend after a long time. It is actually my best friend. Then I held the trigger down to hear the speed of its shutter. Ahh, I couldn't wait to take a picture with it. That's when I realized that it was not reading my cards. Now I have to send it back again.

I also put together a bunch of boxes in preparation for moving more things out of my apartment tomorrow. Now I just need to put some stuff in them.

And I went on a scavenger hunt.


Actual Moving

Jenn used Casey's car to help me move some stuff out of my apartment today. My backup camera is flickering on and off. My D2X should be back thursday they tell me. Just in time for me not to live at the shipping address. These are some phone camera pictures.

Moving Sale

I am moving into a storage unit in McLean, Virginia. Anyone need a television or anything? (phone camera)


(R.I. Avenue NW)

(We met Deshaun in Alex V's yard earlier this summer.) (She invited us to a party at her and her girlfriend Jackie's place.) (There were a lot of people there who didn't know each other.) (Soon everyone was at least vaguely familiar with each other.) (And, I invented "guess the name of this movie" karaoke.)


El Tamarindo Real

El Tamarindo
get the Twins Burritos
go with a friend
get the same thing

chips & salsa come first
and your order comes quick

but if you're in a hurry
ask for the check
'cause it takes twice as long
as your order to get

September 20, 2006

Gratzia waters her flowers on 17th Street NW, she's from "Roma."

I walked around with Jenn DePalma.

I yelled up in Breck and Nilay's window, and visited Transformer Gallery.


Ana Visits From Oakland

Our friend Ana, who graduated with us from the Corcoran, is in town visiting. So we went to the Big Hunt. A lot of friends showed up. There was a new guy serving us. He was so slow I had to yell "BEER" several times.



Suburban Subculture

Some people gathered at Kevin's in Old Town to drink lite beer and talk about how well their kickball teams were doing. A little beer pong, lots of flip-cup.


Black Cat Birth Fest '06

There were an obscene amount of birthday celebrations last night at the Black Cat, so they were combined into one "Birth Fest." Casey and Marissa were celebrating their birthdays- but hey, so was Jose and the cute girl who I spilt beer on her friend's face. It was a beautiful event that has carved a notch in all our hearts (or at least our kidneys).

Yeah, I'm not sure why Jenn and Jeremy are holding up this "24." Of everyone there, no one was turning 24.


Linen of the Week

When Sophie leaves for Europe you'll all be sorry you didn't hang out with her more, including Casey Smith (who has no time for Yard).


Responsible Hydration

Megan and Sophie's 21-year-old hand drink as much beer as water on Sophie's 21st birthday.


One-Hour Visit

My friends Jason and August pulled the iron horse into Union Station on their way to Pittsburgh. They were coming from a fishing trip in Florida. I was glad I could visit and get lunch with them. Jason brought me a bunch of newspapers and a Steelers shirt, I brought him a canteen he left here about two years ago.

Recent Bigfoot Sighting


Andrew's Last Day at Swing's Coffee

The end of an era. (The beginning of something too.)

Nats-6 Jerks-5

Someone gave George Hemphill gave Andrew Bain some tickets to the game tonight. It was the best since their second game against the Yankees this year (when the Nats came back from 9-2 to win 11-9 in the last inning [man, I still love the looks on their faces]). It was Jenn and Jeremy's first Major League Baseball game ever. It went into an extra inning and the Nats won. Man, Phillies fans are whiney.

... George Washington won the Presidents' Race.