Cassie in Class

This is Cassie sitting by the color print machine waiting for her print. She is the only other photojournalism student in Mr. Kim Stacy Kirkpatrick's Wednesday night color photography class. Tonight we all spent a lot of time waiting for prints to emerge from the machine. It was my first time using a color enlarger and I made a few simple mistakes. However, I was able to make a good enough print to move to the next assignment by the end of class. I have a good time in class. I remember that having a tangible photographic print is one of the reasons for photography.

GWU Tsunami Talks

Elizabeth Chacko, GWU associate professor of geography and international affairs spoke on the affect of the tsunami on development and public health issues during a discussion panel held Tuesday night. The gathering of panel experts from George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs was entitled The Asian Tsunami: Political, Economic, and Social Implications. Chacko was the only one of the panel who was in the area of the tsunami at the time it struck. She was concerned with raising awareness about the emotional and psychological repercussions of the tsunami on women. Moderator and dean of the Elliott School, Harry Harding, summed up the situation by first drawing a connection between the night's sparse attendance and the tsunami's drop from the headlines. Harding said that although the problems have just begun the consequences will last for decades.