An Anything-Goes Laundromat?

I think this place on Mt Pleasant St is called the Pan-American Laundry. Someone decorated it with price stickers. I walked past it with some friends on the way to get some lunch.

A Sidewalk Tale

Everyone stops to listen to Solomon's story after eating at the Diner in Adams-Morgan. Luckily the rain started as we sat down to eat and finished before we left.

Sittin on the Dock of the Day

I climbed the 18th St tennis courts fence to get this picture below Adams-Morgan. A roof looks like the place to sit at the end of a nice day.


While I was walking down Columbia Rd some Lyndon LaRouche kid approached me with a pamphlet. Speaking for the entire general public I told him, "We all think you guys are in some kind of cult." He followed me with arms full of propaganda asking "Why?"

Walking Into the Light

This is the National Cathedral. There is a perfect view of it straight down my street. On my way home I saw a band of Hari Krishnas in front of the Safeway grocery. Their music is okay but they definately have the coolest drum. It looks like a pregnant cylinder with a drum skin at each end. Two drums in one.

Visiting Artist

This is Shanon. She used to take classes at the Corcoran. She stopped by the school today to see her friend Arianne. A friend she hadn't talked to for a while. Arianne wasn't there so I told her I would take a picture of her saying hi to her absent friend.

Lighting Pane

If there is a reference to pain and not pane in this photo it is merely coincidental. Shanon asked me how things were going. By that I assumed she meant still spending all of my time in school at our very small campus. I was thinking that lately my life is reminding me of the movie Groundhog Day. It seems like I have Bill Murray's curse of waking up day after day in the same monotony. I never really got to answer that question before she revealed that her afro was now a wig. Surprising because it wasn't pseudo before. She said her mom thinks it is a little strange that her daughter is only 20 years old and wearing a wig. I was talking to my mom on the phone a few days ago about how I remembered her wearing wigs sometimes when I was a kid.