The Secret Lives of Writers

At the Bethesda Writers' Center author Robert Long talks about his book Kandinsky's Bicycle. He also said that folks in his day used to drink a lot more than nowadays.
(Many suspect Long just feels more comfortable at home, these his last remaining nights on earth.)

Other Secrets of Bethesda

Also, you may find it hard to believe Casey Smith teaches a class called Sunday Values, afternoons in Bethesda.



AKA Dave Winter's Birthday

On Dave With-The-Nose-Ring's birthday we celebrated large
He had a photo gallery opening
and handed out his cards

After the gallery opening we all took him out for beers
His friends came up from R-Town
they had the good Cuban cigars

And because it was Dave's birthday
We drank and puffed cigars
He had a flask we drank from so our bill wasn't too large

When night drew to a close
Our party all went home
but it wasn't Dave's birthday at all (so why'd I write this poem?)


Wendy's B-Day

'Cause it was Wendy's B-Day we all met at Cafe Asia
We ate some asian food
We drank some asian beers

Though it was Wendy's B-Day
We had to go to class
Andy Grundberg asked us photo questions
That kicked our photo-knowledge ass

After class on Wendy's B-Day we decided to go eat
Crystal City Restuarant is where we all would meet

The restuarant was a gentlemans' club
The girls were nearly nude

I looked at Kevin
He looked at me,


My Senior Thesis Exhibit

A Place In The Sun

Artist's Statement:

A Place In The Sun began with my documenting of rites of passage. From the beginning I realized it was a broad subject. We share the journey of life as it relates to our time on earth, rites of passage or not. I wanted to capture images never seen before yet familiar through subject or situation, with a mild sense of deja vu. I think of the new McDonald's employee dumping the grease bin as a form of initiation, similar to marriage. The same is true of young adults signing their first apartment lease, or students at a binge drinking party.

I chose verse for the accomanpying text because poetry creates as close a visualization as possible using simple text. Poetry can deliver a message with more emotion than news writing. I am using poetry in an attempt to rediscover the roots of the bardic tradition, which could be considered an ancient ancestor of photojournalism.

This doesn't mean I'm trading in my digital camera for a clay pot of berry pigment or an old wooden camera mechanism. I am trying to do more to convey the emotion, or lack of emotion, in a situation through graphic imagery and words (spoken if possible). My hope is to convey a message deciphered by each person individually.


Corey Comes To Town

When Corey comes to town
We all go out and drink

We all drank in the bars
We all drank in he streets

And after Charley's car got towed
We had to use our feets


Tour de Streets

A great place to take in the sights
of night

Cops at every block threaten fun

Picturesque alleys with drunks,
not bums

Watch where you step,
people like to get sick around here

I once got jumped by some kids right here

And there
and there
and there
and there
is where I buy my beer


Washington: Groundhog Day Week

For some reason Rob visits Washington, D.C. in January. He lives in Los Angeles.

For some other reason Matt visits Washington, D.C. in February. He lives in Tallahassee.