For the Main Course, Heart Burn

These are my friends Maris and Andrew. We went to Haydee's Salvadorian Resturant tonight for some heartburn. I am still burping. My buddy Andrew had to leave the table after a few bites to get some Tums from 7-eleven. We went and saw a show at the 9:30 Club, Sleater-Kinney. They were a pretty rocking girl-band. But there is a big difference between music fueled by testosterone and music fueled by estrogen.

Prize-Packed People

The auditorium was too crowded to fit in by the time I got to the awards ceremony. I waited outside in the warm sunset until the ceremony was over and they opened the doors to the wine and food. My small talk phrase of the night was, "I never won an award ... I don't pride myself on that though." I also made up excuses and special "circumstances" on why I wasn't eligible for any awards. This is Dan Hicks. He won an award excellent enough to strike a Beach Boys pose in the south atrium of the Corcoran Gallery.

Talking Sports

Ross Franklin, Washington Times sports photographer and instructor of my sports photography class, talks about photo placement and the layout of the sports page. To my knowledge, everyone who's ever had a class instructed by Ross has had nothing but good things to say about him. That goes for me too.

Two Different States

This is Ana and Arianne in sports photo class. If you know them at all you know where they're from. Ana is a native Hawaiian and Arianne is a Texan. The symbolism and good character of their states seem to show through in their personalities. As you can see here they are both beautiful people.