Terzano Style

Few men in DC possess the chic of Michael Terzano. He knows it. He uses it to his advantage. All the girls say, there goes Mike T. (or Pterodactyl as he's known), when he walks by. He hears them, he might even see them out of the corner of his eye, but he doesn't blink or turn or nod. He is a rock, an island. Mike T. is a man of men. A word of advice, watch out for him.

Moving Out of DC

I helped Andrew and Maris move out of DC today. Just outside the city limits, by a block or less, to Silver Spring. A lower cost of living, a higher quality of life- that's what I'm looking for.

Hirshhorn Openning Snapsshots

I would like to thank my many sponsors (not including Eric Powell) for the drinks and admission to the Hirshhorn opening last night. It was good to see friends, and friends of friends, and new friends, and old friend. And special thanks to Mrs. Hirshhorn for dropping the money for this event, and the drink tickets she dropped while standing in line.