Last Day

I noticed today's paper has only dead people on the cover. Saddam Hussein and Gerald Ford. It is symbolic because it is the last day of the year. My mom also died this morning in her sleep. The end of the year. The metaphorical winter of life. All came together today.

When the lights come down?


Driveway (No) Coffee

Sometimes the driveway doesn't require coffee. Not often.

Finding a Cobbler

It seems there's a cobbler on every corner in DC. And there is.


to: Japan

Brandon, washing his hands before his flight to Japan to visit his girlfriend's parents. Other than visiting parents, he plans to bath in hot springs with snow monkeys, and buy me a set of magnetic therapy head magnets (that a local bike messenger explained the workings of to us).

Kitchen: a narrative


Merry Mei Wah Christmas

Man, we're seated outside the tower wall
waiting for anygood time to make our move
storming the ancient doors with burning pots of oil
driving other customers away and eating food w/ spears

But before our wait turns into war
they ready our table for three (... for four)
and to praise the christian son of man
a friend orders up some kung pao lamb

Mean Street, USA

(On Christmas morning thinking of
the Toughest Streets in America)

A man approaches on a rainy night
w/ a knife and asks
"would you like to fight for your life?"

... And then the toughest streets in Baghdad
Where if youre an American a knife is nice

Christmas Coffee

Coffee Christmas Morning
did you ever have Turkish Coffee
moving a cheese grater
reveals 2 turkish coffee cups
"of course, in this house we enjoy
the finer things of the world."
sitting in towers
tower-top seating
in minaret cafes
drinking cafe touba w/ Allah

Siblings Visit

... i'm not one of them. or maybe I am.

The Life of BrianTriptych

By coincidence, on Christmas, I borrow and watch Monty Python's Life of Brian.


Eve Day

Christmas Eve
stray people on sparse sidewalks
thinking of families
I've got a family
but I'm trying to
create art here.

Damn, you look like ...
$50,000 bucks hehe
$50,000 bucks!!!

Man if I had $50,000 bucks I'd eat it!
I'm hungry
I would turn it into hams n' cabbages

buses running on Christmas Eve
Always Buses
Always runnin
Always Christmas

Breakfast Eve

I had Brunchmas w/ a muslim & a christian. they argued the whole time. I killed them both. at eating. didn't pay. thanks God.


Holiday Basement Warming Party + Rafal's B-Day

A special time w/ wine and beer
hang trees and stuff this time of year
get together to celebrate
the fear of god
& absent strength


Man w/ 1030am Beer

I was drinking coffee on the porch thinking about my job-getting strategy.
A man walked to the New Hampshire mart and I felt that he had less to worry about than me.
Then he walked back carrying a Big American Beer in a brown bag at 1030am.
Then I felt better about myself.
Then I remembered while I was checking my email in the morning I drank half a glass of beer that was setting there from the night before w/ out thinking much about it.
It smelt good.


Sleep Well Americans

You can sleep well tonight knowing you're an American
In America playing Rock N' Roll
Drinking big American Beers
Walking down streets w/ names of States
and American Presidents
solid establishments like McDonald's & 7-11
Perot was right in his theory of giving
it's like the poor are making it
off the people who are barely getting by

Janis Goodman

I took some photos for an artist and professor at the Corcoran, Janis Goodman.


Washington Post Post

While I drank a cup of coffee this morning I ran out to the corner paper box and did something I rarely do, bought a paper. It was just to see a picture I took of my friend M.E. Sprengelmeyer in the Style Section of the Post. Sprengelmeyer and his Jack-Abramoff-suit-buying antics are making me and him famous!