Augusta Maine Report, 100207

1.Development on Western Avenue in Augusta, Maine (Oct. 2, 2007)

2.Weather Report: In Maine, as far as weather, we're having leaves on the sidewalks & High Wisping Northern Clouds to the left ...

... and holy crap! Thats' the highest cloud I've ever seen. It might be in space.

Also: The sea gulls are playing in the rush-hour air drafts above Western Avenue. (Some of these gulls are HUGE.)

3.Equivalents:That's what one of the most well-known-photographers-ever called his photos of clouds, equivalents. Alfred Stieglitz said each one of them represents a different mood. Possibly the mood of the photographer at the time of the taking?
These equivalents of mine are slightly different. They are grounded by earthly objects; trees, houses. Plus, Stieglitz shot in black & white. That's the only reason his photos hold much more value than mine. Really.

4.Neighborhood Watch: A thought came across my mind as I was running along the Kennebec River Rail Trail the other day, 'Do the people in power of less populated areas of the U.S. (like Maine) have an easier time taking advantage of their constituents and the resources?'

From what I hear the politicians are pretty straight forward about the preserving of Maine's natural resources. They even have, get this, get ready for it, here it comes, conservative-environmental activists!

5.Mount Hope Cemetery: I love to walk in the misty cemetery at night. Listening to Celtic music and southern spirituals on my i-Pod. I feel like I'm entertaining the dead with my company; or that they are entertaining me.