Finishing Up The Pitcher

A homeless lady who has been around 17th and G Streets NW for about a year, helped us finish the last of the beer at Goldie's Italiano. I like her but often ignore her because she wants me to buy her cigarettes. (She has the same birthday as me, Jan. 16.)

Goldie's Italiano

Goldie's Italiano;
1) Bernard Welt visits
2) Cubicle Warriors
3-4) Goldie's Patrons, looking for a "Corcoran Discount"
5) Phone Pitchers
6) Rachel leaves for class

Storage Trip

Andrew Bain gave me a ride out to McLean today to visit my storage unit. I put some stuff back, took some stuff with me.

Alliterate Posting

1) Kathleen
2) Car
3) Coldcut

Evidence of Andrew Paliotto

Where in the world is Andrew Pali-otto?


1) Sheena from 19th St is sending Arlo, her awesome Weaton puppy to be trained in Oklahoma.
2) Saw Holly and we all went to Zorba's to get cheap eats. Pizza slices and grape leaves.
3-5) Wind down at Alex V.'s

Triptych of Alex V., Any Given Night

On any given night you will find Alex V. doing all of the following;
1) Communicating extensively with a phone
2) Trying to keep his eyes opened
3) Air drumming

Anthony Radio

Anthony Radio (who sits next to the Baptist church Dumpster between 16th and 17th St.s NW) stops by the CyberSTOP patio to talk about his love of music.
"I just sit there and listen to my music. I just sit there. I don't bother anybody."
If you have any R&B or easy listening CDs you want to get rid of leave them for Anthony Radio by his Dumpster (near Johns Hopkins Mass. Ave. Campus). He doesn't like, "... music with swearing and cursing that bothers people."