Trip to New York w/ Maggie

I went to New York w/ Maggie and used a disposable 35mm w/ flash (my new favorite camera). Saw my old buddy Chazz Palminteri. Saw another famous old friend, Corey Riggle, he works for D-Touch Studios. Saw a beautiful section of Long Island Sound. ... went to a reservoir ... And visited Maggie's family including her twin sister, Katie.


Artsy Journalism, Insane Drinking - Frank Day

Last nights photojournalism opening at the Corcoran was very impressive. I hate to say it was better than last year's, but it was (not including my thesis, of course). Very artistic. Very easy to understand. There is still an entire week left to check it out!


Corcoran Photojournalism Opening

Opening Season @ the Corcoran begins tomorrow Feb 15 at 6pm!!!!! I love this time of year. It puts me back on my regular weekly schedule of public insults. Beer, food, art, good people, bad people ...



peanuts in a celluloid bag
that's the best

spraying roaches
a clean pair of stockings
natural guts defeating natural talent
that's the best

in front of firing squads
throwing crusts to seagulls
slicing tomatoes
that's the best

rugs with cigarette burns
cracks in sidewalks
waitresses still sane
that's the best

my hands dead
my heart dead
adagio of rocks
the world ablaze
that's the best
for me."

-Charles Bukowski
(Love Is A Dog From Hell, p.120)


SUPER Traditional

As if with accordance to ceremonies and traditions laid out before us by the First Continental Congress, we all wore wigs during the Super Bowl. And danced like little girls during Half-Time. (2007 = Year of the Colts.)