This is a lawn on Kilbourne Pl NW in Mt Pleasant. It seems like the traditional time to start putting up Christmas decorations is right after Thanksgiving. However, there is no customary time to take them down. Some christmas lights never come down. Some ornaments don't make it down until May. Others just dissapear.

[I went to Haydee's, a latin resturant on Mt Pleasant St, with my friend Sprengelmeyer. He is busy writing a fiction novel based on his experiences in Iraq. After a good dining experience we talked about past, present and what we want to do in the future. I mentioned I wanted to go to the liquor store for something cheap. I walked out of the Mt Pleasant Deli with a $2.79 bottle of Thunderbird, "An American Classic."]

<-- Regarded as Clumsy or Uncouth -->

Went to a show at the Black Cat. A friend of mine ended up being the bass player for one of the opening bands. I decided it would be cool to get up closer to the stage. I was adjusting the controls on my camera while holding a full pale ale. "Argghhhh," the next thing I knew the beer and some punk rocker were on my shirt. I didn't get mad, I thought, "Well, I should have known."

[This is the Goons' lead singer Serge Baptista getting some vocal backup from a fan.]