Terrible Teddy Bears

Went to the zoo with my brother to check up on the animals. It looks like they are really taking care of them now. Why do they call them "Giant" Pandas? Were there once normal and small sized Pandas that were eaten by the giants? This is Mei-Xiang chomping on a bamboo stick. Her name means "beautiful fragrance" in Chinese.

The Sights We Could See, My Brother and Me

My brother Rog is in town this week from San Francisco. He has a few long meeting to attend. He is an engineer for the Environmental Protection Agency. He is in charge of keeping the drinking water safe on American Indian reservations on the West Coast. We could use more people like him in D.C. Our water has so much lead it could make any alchemist a fortune. I met up with him after my morning class and we walked all over like a couple of tourists. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a beautiful time of the year.