133"th" Kentucky Derby Day

Maggie and Katie's grandma made sure we, and their Canadian relatives in town for the Derby, had breakfast every morning and dinner each night. It was a lesson in hospitality. We were even invited to eat a dinner in courses at the University of Louisville Club. The infield at the Derby was a lesson in something else. Never saw the Queen. Mint Juleps: my new favorite drink. Kentucky Derby: my favorite sporting event yet. One of the Canadians said, "... it brought out the best and the worst in us Blanche!"

The Road to The Derby

On the way to the Kentucky Derby w/ Maggie and Katie, we stopped off at my farm in Pennsylvania and visited my niece and her boyfriend, and my great niece who live there. She didn't know we were coming until I called her after 9:30pm that night. We arrived around 1:00am. It was nice to see the place after years of being away, even if it was only for a quick night stay. I got to run my great neice down to the school bus in the morning. I slept in my childhood bedroom. "Even though you're growing up in California," my dad would always say (pointing), "this is where your roots are Michael." He told me I'd understand more of what he said when I got older. (He told me this for over 20 years.)