Spring Break Ends

Here are Andy and Kevin, a couple of friends from class. Andy, in the background, took a photo vacation to Bosnia over spring break. He decided to leave his digital camera with Kevin while he was gone, shooting 30 rolls of black and white film instead.


Easter Activism

A Catholic group organized a peace protest and march today. The protest stopped and prayed in 14 government buildings including the Capitol and White House. The 14 prayer stations represented the 14 Stations of the Cross.


Tricycle Photo

Last night I was walking home and decided to take a short cut to see if there was anything worth photographing in a particularly photogenic alley I know. For some reason the tricycle is a favorite subject of many photographers. Maybe because it's an easy subject to read into; it all started during childhood.


Lorraine Lowering Levels

Here Lorraine is going down the escalators at the Farragut West subway station. She commutes between Alexandria and D.C. every weekday through a series of tunnels and a network of buses.


First Lady at Corcoran Biennial

I was fortunate enough to get a couple photos of First Lady Laura Bush discussing this year's Corcoran Gallery Biennial Exhibition with the gallery's president and director David Levy. She visited the museum today to previewed the exhibit before its public opening. I wondered if the cutting edge-art displayed in the Biennial was too radical for the First Lady's taste. I said, "I hope you enjoyed the exhibit." Mrs. Bush answered for her entire entourage as she was leaving through the front doors, "Yes, we enjoyed it very much."



I've been watching a lot of television lately. It calms and creates my writers' block. I have my own Nielsen Television Rating project. I find myself watching the History Channel in the morning and cartoons like Futurama, and King of the Hill in the middle of the night. Is gathering information while I drink a cup of coffee jump starting my brain? Do I look for comfort in humor when it gets dark? Oh, Night! Your strange comfort is a daily reminder of Death. (Dramatized for television.)


The House Warming Party

An employee of Swing's Coffee, old.

An employee fo Swing's Coffee, new.

A brother that's drunk.

A room that is full.


School Talent Show

I went to the Corcoran College 2005 Talent Show tonight. There is more musical talent here than I imagined. I guess it goes with the territory. On dark nights I write sad songs about the music I never learned to play.


Strategic Moves

Some people say life is about making the right decisions at the right time. I stink at Chess.


DC Weather

Today the weather is grey. Yesterday I wore a light jacket outside. Today it is snowing. Yesterday I though it might be warm again today.


El Tamarindo Reunion

El Tamarino Restaurant is the perfect place to introduce new-old friends to old-old friends. I met up with old-old friend Joe, whom I haven't seen since we were both in Kandahar, Afghanistan four years ago. We were both combat correspondents, and both surprised to see each other as sergeants in Afghanistan. The last time we had been in the same place before that we were privates, fresh from boot camp at Defense Information School.


Sending in the Bomb Squad

Today I covered part of a story I had long been anticipating, the Special Operations Division of the Metro Police. The scenario was an unplanned reactionary drill to improvised explosive devices. It took place in stark surroundings at a waste water treatment plant. One of their officers suited up to observe the device under protection.