6.1 Megapixel Pinhole

Today I shot photos with my friend Don. He majors in Fine Arts Photography. Don had a "pinhole body cap." It is like using a very small hole to take a photo with instead of a lens. I shot about 200 photos with it today. This is one of them from Henry's near 17th on U St.

Weakest Protest Ever

I saw my friend Rick downtown. We decided to go get something to eat, both disappointed in our prospects to shoot anything exciting during this so-called World Bank and International Monetary Fund protest. It seems like they blocked the streets off for nothing. At the Ellipse Park in front of the White House we found few protestors but many tourists wondering why the White House was blocked off and barricaded by 80 U.S. Park Police.

Things Better Than Television

Later on, I met up with some friends to do things that are better than television. We went to see Jackie, the improv comedy troupe at District of Columbia Arts Council. After the show we headed back to one of the best joints in town, the Common Share. There is no cheaper beer or pool, and no better mix of blue collar in DC.