Security at First Hand

Today I was working on a photo assignment that I was suppose to shoot from the "hip," meaning without looking through the viewfinder. I was taking pictures while I was walking past the Australian Embassy. I took this picture of a Uniformed Secret Service cruiser in front of the embassy and kept walking into town to take care of some things.

When I walked out of the FedEx Store (five blocks from the Australian Embassy) there was Sergeant B. P. Lewis in his cruiser waiting for me. He questioned me and asked me for my identification. Shortly after he also asked me to set my camera on the hood of his vehicle.

Approximately 15 minutes after two Metro Motorcycle Police came as back up I was allowed to leave. At first I was going to call and complain. Instead I called and left a compliment. The Fraternal Order of Police is rumored to have renounced its endorsement of the Uniformed Secret Service because of their low pay and benefit standards. If that is the case, this man has gone above and beyond his call of duty by actually pursuing a suspect.