Young Chow ~ Old Friends

Today I invited some friends out to eat with my niece and mom. Our plans digressed from Italian to Greek to Chinese. Finally, we ended up at Young Chow's 312 Pennsylvania Ave SE. I always have a good time talking and eating, but it felt a little surreal with my mom and my friends at the same table. They got to know my mom a little and my mom got to know them. Casey Smith, my former professor, even told my mom I was a good student in his class. Becky talked about charismatic baby squirrels. I talked about nursing baby rabbits with an eye drop bottle. Andrew talked about the niceties of living in Capitol Hill. Maris, about France. My mom, about being in DC fifty years ago. We all walk away with only one burning question ... what is the difference between Orange and General Tso's Chicken?


I went to see an improv comedy act at the District of Columbia Arts Center on 18th NW, in Adams-Morgan. The troupe that played tonight was known as Jackie's Pronto; when I laughed beer came out of my nose. It was a unique experience because I had met a few of the players before but never knew they acted. Because I was introduced to them by my smart friend Matt I took them for strictly scholars. If you haven't taken in a show go now while it's inexpensive ... once they've broken a certain amount of legs (theatre talk for performing) expect to pay Broadway prices. Either that or they'll move to the crowded improv neighborhoods of Manhattan, where there's so many actors I forgot to laugh.