Clover & Harp

A certain friend suggests a mashup w/ the Northern Irish down at the Folklife Festival on the National Mall. Who's in?


Craig imagines 'inner bling' is your soul. I think it could be smoothies.


Big Hunt + Ben R.'s B-Day

Went to the Big Hunt for 15 cent wing night. Having just eaten, I wasn't hungry when I got there, but I gave it 45 minutes and ate about 2 dozen or so wings. Shot a game of pool. I'm all talk when it comes to pool. But it really freaks out my opponents b/c then they really, really don't want to lose against me.


A Cook(in)out Too Far

After we had four smoothies a piece, made w/ my new 58oz., 525watt blender, Booley and I walked to a cookout that some of my other friends had going. We didn't plan our trip there very well (I blame it all on Booley), and ended up going a couple miles out of our way in flip-flops. When we got there we drank lots of water, ate bratwursts (I grabbed the last burger), and had some root beer floats. Charley was 'down' b/c his girlfriend of 7 or-so years (not years old, although he is only 22, so they had been seeing each other since they were about 7 years old), broke up with him. It really helped me b/c I have recently been whining about a similar thing. And, with my pseudo-Catholic Guilt- it was like penance!


Hanging Out With: Bain, Day

I hung out w/ the photographer Andrew Bain today. In the morning, coffee. In the afternoon, beer. And in between we walked down to the Smithsonian Museum of American Art and the National Gallery of Art's West Wing. Later we headed up to Park Road in Mt Pleasant to eat spaghetti and bug my neighbor, the photographer Frank Day.


Maggie Left Today

Maggie had a good last day living in DC today. We went to get coffee at Heller's Bakery. I helped her pack her car. We went for a run through Rock Creek Park. We ate lunch in her kitchen. Then she drove off to New York.

Society Section: Artcade Launch Party

ARTCADE: "The Party" took place on U St NW last night. All of the shmoozers were there, including the mysterious BeerFace. Donations weren't necessary, but they were welcome. I took a few of my own. The more kegs kicked (five in all) the better the bands played. Cameras were required at the door, so we were all taking pictures of each other. Towards the end of the night everyone started getting old. I showed up as a 29-year-old and left when I turned 80. Luckily I found a slice of Manny and Olga's Pizza on a gas meter walking home. Oh, and only one party casualty. Good times ARTCADE!


Pennsylvania, Illinois, California, and The District of Columbia

I woke up this morning and ceremoniously scanned the job postings. Then Casey gave me a Drivers' Day pep talk. Today was the day I traded in my learners permit for a full-fledged license by completing the on-road driving test. It is the first day I have had an actual license in over 4 years- and I have held a license in 4 states now. Well, 3 states and Washington, D.C. I took Maggie back her car keys and went to celebrate in "Yard," with Rockwell, Alex V., and A.J. Yes, Freedom! (I also updated my resume.)