Crisp Air Around Here

[Pretty soon cheeks will be red, lips will be chapped, knuckles will be cracked and bleeding ... ahh, beautiful Autumn.]

** Hello?, Mushi Mushi ... Sushi? **

Called some friends. Found they were preoccupied or didn't answer. And I think one even hung up. Went to get some caffine in Adams-Morgan. Looked around an African Art shop. Walked down the street and saw a quiet sushi joint, Pacific Sushi. This is an alright place if you're looking for moderately-priced, quality sushi. San Diego State grad, David, opened the place 10 months ago. He only has two other employees and says that's how he likes it.

[I had two spicey tunas, an eel and avacado, and a couple Sapporos ... all tastey.]