Hockey is Not Just For Hockey Fans ...

Capitals center Brian Sutherby contorts his stick to slide the 4th of 6 goals scored by Washington in their 6-5 victory over the Boston Bruins. Sotherby, who is Canadian, will be turning 21 in March. Does it seem like the younger the drinking age a country has the better the hockey players it produces?

[I was invited to the hockey game by a good friend Jimmy, owner of the Xchange Saloon on 17th and G Sts NW. We had an awesome corporate suite compliments of Budweiser. Jimmy also awarded a golf bag to Capitals center Robert Lang before the game. This was an exciting, high-scoring game. And I thought it had quite a few brawls ... I was mistaken about the brawling according to the seasoned hockey fans. The strangest thing was probably these two Canadians that were drinking with us at the game. I mean we were cool with them and everything, but they just kept insisting they were from North Dakota.]