The Reason for the French Riots

Should Americans uprise? I figured it out. "I need to take pictures that don't glorify violence or make it look cool." I was talking to my friend Andrew. "I have to take photos that stop violence, and turn people from it." It looks like somebody beat me to it. This recent video sheds new light on my own past experiences. Was there ever honor in war? Why can't we just hack each other to pieces with clubs and knives?

-------Please Watch This Video-------

Ralph Nader, Vets for Peace

Ralph Nader is a fellow member (honorary) of Veterans for Peace. If any veterans need a reason to join VFP: Depleted Uranium. Keeping it out of the U.S. Arsenal might cause a few second delay in the destruction of enemy armor, but using it is said to cause generations of birth defects. I checked out a governement website, that might possibly downplay depleted uranium. They say it is safe, and 40 percent less radioactive than uranium.

Eating Light

Andrew Bain showed me a Persian place to eat on 18th St, NW. The Caravan Grill is a great buffet away from the out-of-towner crowds of Adams-Morgan. Plus, we saw our old friend and photo history instructor David Haberstich there. He's the head photo archivist at the National Museum of American History. If a Washington insider like Haberstich dines here you know this place is a treasure trove of serve-yourself delights.