Corcoran Senior Opening No. ?

Another opening night at the Corcoran Gallery. Drinking on Demon Porch. Janis Goodman, an artist whom I wrote poetry for her current show, is on pg. 40 of this weeks CityPaper.


Demon Porch Sympathy

My friends came over to listen to me cry about losing Maggie. As I described to Andrew Bain earlier in the day, "It's not so hard walking North up New Hampshire Ave." I used to walk Maggie to work there, but South. It's just that my heart has bled all over the sidewalk. And that, is stained in my memory. I feel really sad and Irish lately, getting back to my roots. I suppose. (Beer anyone?)


From St. Patrick's Til Now

Reasons (or not) for infrequent posts: 1)My laptop is getting fixed. 2)I've been using a digital point-and-shoot that I am trading for some photos. 3)My preoccupation with Maggie (cooking, walking, walking), which she ended today.


Busboys & Poets: Anti-War Show

I have also been asked to be part of an anti-war show at Busboys & Poets. I might even read in their anti-war poetry reading. I am a member of Vets for Peace. Maybe I have time to grow the old 'stache back before Monday. (Photo by Mario Tama)

here's the blurb:

March 19, 2007 (Monday) Observance of the 4th anniversary of the U.S. military assault on Iraq and the beginning of what has turned into one of this nation's longest military engagements. Four years of war and occupation; four years of death and destruction; four years of a war that never should have happened.
Gallery Event 6:00 PM
Reflections in War, Visions for Peace: Artist Perspectives on Four War Years
Four years from the night President Bush ordered war operations across Iraq announcing an unprecedented war, the public can see works by dissenting artists who include those most affected: Iraq War Veterans and Iraqi citizens. Artwork may be purchased for the benefit of participating artists and organizations. Refreshments are provided.
7 PM DISCUSS - Artists and policy experts host a discussion exploring the historic and future significance art holds as a catalyst for change in culture and ultimately, government policy - as well as strategic collaborations that must be strengthened between artists and progressive activists.
8 PM DISSENT -Wordsmiths crash the microphone with dissent, from the sky falls poetry peace-bent. Poets from across the Nation offer crash-course Iraq analysis, for the uninformed.
SPONSORS: Institute for Policy Studies, Code Pink, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, Iraqi Voices for Peace and Busboys and Poets

Janis Goodman: Shifting Waters

I wrote a series of poems, "Poems inspired by Janis Goodman's drawing and w/ her drawings in mind" that will be available during her solo show at Flash Point Gallery in Chinatown. Also in the show's brochure are writings by David Gariff, National Gallery of Art, and Lucy Hogg, The Corcoran Gallery of Art.

March 22 - April 21, 2007
The graphite drawings in Janis Goodman's Shifting Waters focus on water in its various guises, exploring the patterns and movements of tides; the movement of water, waterfalls and splashes; and the natural habitats surrounding waterways. Featuring approximately 12 large-scale drawings, this grouping of works highlights the artist's elegant, gestural approach to mark-making. Goodman's drawings elicit contemplation on this vital natural force and its critical place in the ecological balance, the uses and importance of clean water and the devastating impact of water pollution on the ecosystem.


I am part of this photography exhibit March 15, in Georgetown. There will be good food and drinks there. If you can't make it on the Ides of March, the photos will be up from the 15th to the 31st. FYI:BYOB (Bring Your Own Body-armor) Someone is likely to get stabbed.
Knew Gallery
1639 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC