Tour de France Practice

This is Joseph Perez, bike messenger and real estate salesman. I took a picture of him and his girlfriend Cathrine back in November. I have been panning a lot of pictures over the past couple months. One of my favorite subjects for panning is bicyclists. It gives me something to do, whether I'm waiting for the bus or walking down the sidewalk. Next week in our sports photography class Doug Pensinger, Getty Images sports photographer will be our guest speaker. Maybe I can keep adding to my "bike shot" collection until then ... he specializes in shooting the Tour de France.

Art Opening After Party

This is a group of friends that gathered at the Exchange after the Senior Fine Art opening at the Corcoran Gallery tonight. Carolyn, on the right, had an awesome exhibit of fabric drawings and quilted objects. The display tonight was beautiful ...

Conversion Bike

Attempt at a dry ride home.