--> We're All Happy, Right? <--

This is Andrew. He goes to the Corcoran College for fine art photography. I took this while I was on my way home from shooting an assignment at the Corcoran where I heard New York Times Photographer Stephen Crowley speak. It was a show of pictures that would captivate any photographer. I'm certain I'll be happy to have Mr. Crowley as an instructor next year.

[Behind Andrew is where the Secret Service physically detained me and forced me to delete my camera's memory card. All for snapping some pictures of them removing a psychotic homeless man (Warren) from the steam grate pictured above.]

^^ Professional Tourism ^^

For a long time now I've been trying to perfect my touring methods. It started shortly after I moved to D.C. I looked around and saw mostly tourists. As nature would have it I felt the need to fit in with the mainstream society. Now I wear a backpack, have a camera around my neck, and never leave home with less than two maps.

[I forget . . . don't seagulls like Alka-Selter or something?]