Studio Art Speak

My friends Chad and Cat talk "Art Speak" in the Corcoran 3rd Year studios. Everyone prefers these studios to the senior studios because they are down stairs and the senior studios are up and up the stairs. Art Speak goes something like this ... Creativity comes from mothers and grandmothers, craftsmanship and skill from fathers, and I can personally root my interest in Modern Art to my oldest sister Gina. She had me looking at Lichtenstein, Kandinsky, and Mondrian at the LACMA in early grade school, maybe before. I remember her asking me if I liked Modern Art. I responded negatively at first, but had a good idea of what Modern Art could look like - a jagged Cubist collage, the blank canvas Conceptual Art, "Broadway Boogie-Woogie," and the limited-color paintings of Color Field painters. Now I watch the future of art and its artists, and they're pretending to ignore me. That is Art Speak.