Events of July 18, 2007

I met Rachel at Caribou. I sent out some resumes. (One of which, I got a bite!) I told Rachel I had a dream that I had once killed someone and I had lived my life trying to hide it, until I woke up. Rachel told me she had a dream that she was a terrorist and had killed hundreds of people w/ bombs, etc. And would cut the clips from the newspapers and use them in her art. Later, I saw Cherif on the sidewalk. He told me I could easily get a job at Whole Foods. But, I've been there three times in the past couple days. Of any temporary job, that's the one I would prefer.

Events of July 17, 2007

1)Dave w/ the Nose Ring keeping watch from the roof of his gallery, Transformer
2)Bruce, neighbor of Demon House, waters Maggie "the Tree"
3)Swim at your own risk
4)Not risking it
5)Back down on the elevator