Dave Wtnr's Birthday Pool Party

Dave With-The-Nose-Ring had a birthday extraveganza at the Black Cat. We all drank wine coolers and played with our cell phones. No one got Dave anything for his birthday, we even borrowed money off him to drink.



Went to a potluck for Hatnim. No one brought food. Everyone brought beer. Lauren cooked a frozen lasagna that expired last year. Some people ate it even though the cheese didn't melt after a half hour in the oven.

Kevin brought his Canadian friends to the potluck late. We seach for another friend who might have beer for the Canadians, no luck.

I make sure the Canadians know how to kill wall roaches before they head back to Canada. (photo by Kevin Dietsch)


The Apes at Black Cat

If you didn't go to the Black Cat last night to see the Apes, I'm sorry.
No better way to spend the end of a day.
Didn't cost much to watch them play.
Audience- destroyed their ear drums and vocal c(h)ords.
(Breck Brunson- still a bully.)


DdOoUuBbLlEe EeXxPpOoSsUuRrEeSs

Eric Powell and Andrew Bain.

Jabari in the Metro.

Alex with his apartment building.


Corcoran Graduation Day 2006

[8:50am] Mimosas in the morning.

[9:35am] Taking the Class of 2006 photo.

[10:17am] Some soon-to-be graduates on the steps.

[10:20am] Me getting "fish hooked" by Professor Smith. (photo by Ryan Shuler)

[10:21am] No you didn't!

[10:30am] Walking to the ceremony.

[10:51am] Fine Arts- Last Days.

[10:52am] A samurai in the elevator.

[10:55am] Anticipation/Excitement.

[11:03am] Walking into the auditorium.

[11:56am] Photographer Sally Mann.

[12:16pm] Walking to accept my diploma. Woooooo!

[12:34pm] Ruben's profession of love for his classmates.

[12:49pm] Snapshots afterward.

[4:15pm] After the reception, Goldie's Italiano.

[8:25pm] Marissa at the Transformer opening, contemplating her recent graduation.

[9:29pm] Hanging out with past and present Corcoran students at Dan and Danny's.

[9:29pm] Still hanging.

[9:59pm] Passing a battalion of police officers on our way to Kevin's.

[12:19am] At Kevin's we contemplate heading to the "gay bar, gay bar!"

[1:46am] Barely hanging, I am slipping into passout mode.

[1:56am] Sparking life.

[2:11am] Calling it a day.


Last Day of Class

Last day of getting a drink at Goldie's before class.

Casey directing the reading at G Fine Art.