Maggie Left Today

Maggie had a good last day living in DC today. We went to get coffee at Heller's Bakery. I helped her pack her car. We went for a run through Rock Creek Park. We ate lunch in her kitchen. Then she drove off to New York.

Society Section: Artcade Launch Party

ARTCADE: "The Party" took place on U St NW last night. All of the shmoozers were there, including the mysterious BeerFace. Donations weren't necessary, but they were welcome. I took a few of my own. The more kegs kicked (five in all) the better the bands played. Cameras were required at the door, so we were all taking pictures of each other. Towards the end of the night everyone started getting old. I showed up as a 29-year-old and left when I turned 80. Luckily I found a slice of Manny and Olga's Pizza on a gas meter walking home. Oh, and only one party casualty. Good times ARTCADE!