Kerry's Vietnam Shipmate?

I was walking home up 16th St NW when a pickup truck on Euclid St backed up to make it easier for me to pass the crosswalk. "It's okay," I said. I turned around to say thanks to the driver while I was walking by and saw an enlisted Department of Defense sticker in the window. That's when the conversation started with me and Glenn Johnson, the truck's owner and passenger-at-the-time ... and also Navy veteran who was shipmates with John Kerry in Vietnam. While he was telling me about the river he and Kerry boated on I asked, "How do you like Kerry." Johnson said, "I love Kerry. He's a real good man."

Bird Fights at Rawlings Park

I hung out in Rawlings Park today with Brandon, an artist I know. We decided to sit on the bench and feed the birds bagels ... we were not ready for the violence we were about to witness! Finches dive bombing ducks, pigeons pecking at finches, and ducks biting each other. "They are attacking each other! Our "everything" bagels have disrupted the Space/Bird Continuum!"

Archibald Willingham Butt Memorial

Archibald Willingham Butt was Theodore Roosevelt's Aide de Campe. I have never noticed this Memorial to Butt, even though it is right by the White House. Butt died on the infamous voyage of the Titanic luxury-liner ship. Just as I was bringing this fountain to my friend Brandon's attention ... the blood relatives of this American hero walked up, also witnessing this memorial for the first time! "Here it is. This is it," said Robert Butt, walking slightly ahead of his brother Alex and his daughter Chloe. Another happy coincidence.