When the Lights Go Out in the City By the Bay ...

I found a great neighborhood. My friend Yusei lives the. It's called the "Tenderloin." This photo was taken in front of the Tenderloin Grocery. I went in there to get a drink while I was trying to get a hold of my friend. When I walked in an undercover officer was busting a lady with about $400 in crack. I quickly discovered the neighborhood was thriving on drugs. I walked a few blocks south and stopped to use the bathroom at a Carl's Jr. Two dudes were trying to get high in the bathroom. I fought with one over our turn on the commode. He was brushing his teeth so I won out. It was terrible ... they both stopped brushing their teeth and scrambled seeking relief from the smell. The men were very seriously as I laughed my way out the door. I went back down to the Turk Street where I meet some dangerous people.

[We went to Hunan's Chinese Restaurant tonight. I have to go there every time I'm in the area. They serve the spiciest food available.]