Day Trip to Chicago with Bill Newman

I went to Chicago with the artist Bill Newman yesterday. He was part of a panel discussion of artists with disabilities who are exhibiting at the Chicago Cultural Center. When we got to Chicago it took me thirty minutes to figure out how to make his cart work. The flightline people took it apart and put it back together wrong. We finally made it and had a pretty good time. Bill almost flipped his cart pulling "Shriners" down Wabash St. The art was amazing. The artists were all down-to-earth and witty. Even though we were only in town for a few hours, I was lucky enough to see one of my dearest friends from high school at the lecture.



I was doing some research and found this website that says over 700,000 URLs have accessed my site.


Dog Bites Man

Jimmy was bit in the face by a Pit Bull last night. He came close to being the world's second face transplant.



Lizz and lizards both eat snails
Lizz and lizards both have tails
Lizz and lizards both love sun
Lizz and lizards, fun fun fun

Student Awards Ceremony

Here is John Dickson and Christina DePaul hosting the 121st Annual Corcoran Student Awards Ceremony. Wow, some people won several awards. I won the Faculty Award for Academics. "Hi Mom."

. . .

Afterwards we went to the Big Hunt to discuss our awards and think about other ways we might improve ourselves.


Corcoran All-Stars of The Danielle Steel(e) Society for Advanced Poetics

This is some of us on the small stage at District of Columbia Arts Center. I wish we would have taped it. The laughter made it seemed like there were twice as many people in the audience. (photo by Marissa Long)


Easter Sunday Poetry Reading

Please join us this Sunday April 16 at 3pm for "Corcoran All Stars," a greatly anticipated event hosted by Doug Lang featuring current students and faculty from the Corcoran College of Art.

The Corcoran College here in DC has long been well established as a site of great creative and poetic endeavor, from the days of Terence Winch and Diane Ward in the 1970s through to the present. This event will feature Jessica Cebra, Jessica Clauser, Jenn DePalma, Thomas Michael Corcoran, Sean Logue, Jabari Owens-Bailey, Casey Smith, and Michael Terzano.

The DC Arts Center is located at 2438 18th Street NW, just south of Columbia
Road in the heart of the Adams Morgan neighborhood. Admission is $3, and free for DCAC members.
Directions at http://www.dcartscenter.org/location.htm




(mek-a-niz-em) n. 1. the way a machine works. 2. the structure or parts of a machine. 3. the process by which something is done, the mechanism of government.


Armed Alien

I went to the range with my friend Jimmy who has a Glock .45 Auto. He's from Ireland where handguns are illegal. I was happy to help him practice his newfound rights here in the land of vitamin D milk and Tupelo Honey.

Another One


Last Guest Speaker

Alberto Fernandez, director of public affairs for the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Near East Affairs, came to speak to Tyler Marshall's Mid East Politics class tonight. It is great that he and Marshall's previous subject matter experts have found time to visit an academic class at the Corcoran College of Art. Of Art. Fernandez said one of the biggest problems the United States has when dealing with other countries' cultures is arrogance. (But isn't arrogance such a large part of our culture?)


April Fools Party

Thank you Mr Bain and your house mates for inviting everyone in town over. (Notice the policeman in the corner.)

. . .

Chris, standing out in the crowd.

. . .

Party goers leave.

. . .

Party leavers go. (Anyone recognize this guy?)