Photo Ring

This is a ring I bought a long time ago in Jacksonville, NC. I bought it in a pawn shop. I like it because of it's classic crown ring design. I think I've only ever seen design like this in plastic and costume jewelry before. Why are the plastic cases for CDs called "jewel cases?" Today I burnt six sets of three CDs. The three CD set contains 555 images that I am sending to a couple stock photo agencies on Monday.

Life = Onion?

I think because of it's layered qualities, the onion is the perfect metaphor food. You can compare it to life, years, seasons, etc. This onion has been growing in my fridge door for a while. Seeing its green sprouts reminded me to go to the grocery store every time I opened the door for iced tea. I kept ignoring the sprouts. Eventually, a whole new onion had grown in the fridge door and I didn't have to go to the grocery store. Just kidding.