Any Maine Thursday

The mailman delivers my mail. Some of it cards.
Some of it packages. They are the gifts of my
Christmas season this year. I have the
fanciest tree. It's cut clean
and made flat by a
carpenter. (Like
was Christ
and its
not its trunk
are in the ground.
My gifts are

Lithgow Library

Snowblowing and shoveling on Weston Street. A man in the background with a shovel: obvious envy for the mechanical blower.

I wore my snowshoes to work and walked past the back of China King Augusta Maine.

This snow stile made it possible for me to take a shortcut. Possible with snowshoes.

This sidewalk, turned survival course by snow plows, would have been impassible without snowshoes.

Why do you hate me?!

Arriving at work with snowshoes on.