Nor'easter Goes Smoothly in Maine

Saint Augusta?: or Saint Augustine? The storm went well, most of the prayers of New England were spared their lives.

Berliners carry bags from Hannaford Grocery Store across the Father Curren Bridge in Augusta Maine. Though the weather didn't keep them from walking, they seemed to worry that the stores may close, making food unavailable.

Rich become Richer: I think telling people that "smoking makes the rich richer, and the poor poorer" gives them motivation to quit smoking (and buy stock in Philip Morris USA). Die-hard (good for investment?) smokers in Maine puff and chill in front a game shop on Water Street in Augusta Maine.

Snow biking: Snow biking is dangerous. It's like 5x more dangerous than gravel biking, uhhmm maybe 3x. But it is how C.J. met a friend of his who lives on the other side of Augusta Maine. They were on Water Street.

Shoveling: Paul shovels snow off sidewalks as part of a contract he has with local businesses. Jed shovels snow because he has no contract with Paul.

Snow Blowing: Hoa, one of my newly-met neighbors blows snow off her sidewalk. (Notice the Kennebec Journal mailbox.) I told here she looked like an Eskimo, she said she was the 'nook from the north.'
And a small snow-blowing tractor near the Senator Inn in Augusta Maine.