Word Art

Casey Smith writes art

he teaches his class

his class writes art

his class will learn

writing is his art

they will learn

writing is art


Drink Your Fruit Today

If you want some goodness to start your day
grapefruit or orange juice is the healthy way

Try to stay awake and need a kick
half & half and coffee will do the trick

Sweaty and exhausted after a run
pour a splash of water across your tongue

If the team wins and you join the cheer
trade in you health for a pint of beer


Photographers Gift

a camera carrier and his friends
have a time-honored exchange
a press of the shutter
results in a gift

light captures tongues
cringing faces
the palm of a hand

the niftiest offering
of all of these alms
(finger pointing:
part of the evidence)

a frequent flyer
recurring route
the gestural bird of malevolence


Hirshhorn January 16, 2006

Art today is whatever it wants to be
is what we thought it'd be
is evolving from yesterday

Art today reflects the past
and connects it to the present

Art today is
is digressing
is impressing
is bad odds investing

Art today is rustling
is a nestling
That will hatch from
ideas that are festering

Art is born from a science of creativity
as wine is born from chemical activity

Art is contributing
to many things
And is absolutely necessary to human beings


Actual Photographs

Look through a camera
See the same thing
That you see with your eyes

See friends
The other side of the street

See other things
That only a camera can

See a thought
Or a split-second blink

Life with a frame around it
Can sometimes look differently
Than it does in reality

You can sometimes see
Outside the frame
As you see in a dream

Your eye and your camera
Can come together
To make a scene
Seem that much better
Or worse
Than it is in being

Thoughts of creativity
Begin the loss of objectivity
And separation from reality
Even in photography


Tony Tiger

exploit your hunt

stalk the weak

hookers wear your hide

king of the jungle
or cereal killer

take away your pride

(women stretch your skin-
around their thighs)


Expression of Happy

piano key teeth

a mouth void of grief

the happiest speech-
without speech

breaching sadness

a wreath of teeth

pearly whites beyond belief

more honest work than a smirk

sometimes a gin-soaked grin

or simply the smile-
of a friend



Alleys are like people
some are wide
some are hard to find

People are like alleys
some smell like pee
some are grimy

Alleys are like alleys
many have rats
some rats are smashed

People are like people
many have cars
some cars they crash

Some wide people
smell like pee
crash cars
in grimy,
hard-to-find alleys

They smashed
that rat


Peter Pan (My Great-Niece's Pony)

once there was a crazy pony
the pony's name was Peter Pan
never grow up would this pony
all he did was ran and ran

"Grow Up Pony!" people shouted
"Bologna!" s'what he shouted back
never grow up will this pony
running around his pony track

time goes by but he's still running
now he's old and hairy
look up "pint-sized (crazy) horse"
he's in the dictionary



Horse Thinking

when I die
my mind will fly
into the sky

when I take a look around
staring back toward the ground
I'll find a nice horse to become

lay in the field and itch my bum
get spooked by dogs, go on a run
eat fresh green grass, nap in the sun

do all the things that can be done
and when the day is over
and I've had my fill of clover

I will lift my tail
and leave a trail
of small and squishy boulders



Electro-brain education
makes your
retarded child
your normal child

makes your
dusty forest
your radiant forest

Cryo-tron illumination
makes your
icy world
your bright world


New Years 2006

National Airport
New Years Eve
A Sailor sits alone
Waiting for his 8am flight
Headed to Yokosuka
He stares at the tarmac

Before midnight his father calls
After midnight his girlfriend calls
After that he sleeps on the seats
Tomorrow he'll be in Japan
A resolution

National Airport
New Years Eve
Stands a man named Ray
under the escalator, by the pay phone
He's from D.C., he has a TV
plugged in under the pay phone

Before midnight he makes a call
After midnight he gets a call
He watches Times Square on TV
Tomorrow he'll be back
A revolution

National Airport
New Years Eve
I am looking around
I look in the seats
I look under the escalators
I ride up the escalators

Before midnight I get a call
After midnight I get a call
After that I take the train
Tomorrow is today
An evolution