Interview with an Anonymous Man Shooting Heroin

Here is an interview with an anonymous man who is shooting heroin. A couple days after the interview he overdosed in a grocery store bathroom and was hospitalized. He continues to fight his addiction.


Steel Life

This is my first attempt at a full time lapse vid. Scenes from around Pittsburgh sped up 400 percent in some cases. This is between 2 and 3 hours of video smashed into 8 minutes.


Anonymous Man Shoots Heroin

An anonymous man allows me to video him shooting heroin. He also talks to me about being on unemployment.


John Kelly of The Washington Post

This is some raw video footage from inauguration weekend when The Washington Post's John Kelly and I traded interviews -- and hats.
If you haven't already, you can see Kelly's video with me -- here.



Catching Up

Some friends from DC came up to visit SIXBURGH this weekend. I also made a very vulgar music video to go with this short video, if you're lowbrow enough you can view it here- Stupid.



This is video from the South Side of Pittsburgh before and after Super Bowl XLIII. GO STEELERS!

E. Carson Street in Pittsburgh

Eighteen blocks of E. Carson Street were shut down on Pittsburgh's South Side after the Steelers won the Super Bowl.