American Sculpture Gardening

We are gardeners gardening in the most extravagant garden
"Do you want tea?" yes of course I want tea
of course I want tea
they're looking at us everywhere
there's little cameras looking at us
there's sculptures looking at us
and we're just gardening
. . .

In this expensive garden there's a hole chewed through the rat trap
in this neighborhood the rats have smaller rats
that they pay to do things for them
like chew holes through rat traps

In this garden the gardeners are artists
In this garden we artfully pick up wind blown leaves w/ our hands
and put them in our bag

Here I'm raking the leaves and my dreams
through the Mondo Grass

Writers Blockade

I'm having writers blockade
but apparently others are having book blockade
that's much worse
Andrew Bain says we're rich
he's write or right
they're eating pizza with pineapples in here
they're talking about propositioning each other during Mardi Gras
cutting the grass in 1992
having to pee again, no way
you've got a lot of sugar
ha ha ha, oh, sorry.
I mean, eww
what do I eat for breakfast?
ears & ears of corn of course
real Americans eat corn Baybee
And there's no time to stop in America
there's no room for it
someone's always right behind you
let me shake my head around a little bit first
like I really know what I'm saying
Ah Hem!,
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